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CMS Dress Code 2021

Students are expected to be neat, clean, and MODEST in their dress and appearance.
Student attire should not interfere with the orderly process of learning or cause distractions.
Appropriate school dress is the responsibility of each student and parental support is appreciated.


The following are NOT ALLOWED:
1. Extremely short dresses and skirts are not to be worn. Skirts or dresses must be no shorter than 6 inches from the knee. A ruler will be used to measure with the student standing in a flamingo position, with one knee on a chair. (If spandex, yoga style, leggings, or any tight fitting garments are worn as pants, they MUST be covered with an appropriate length top, 8” from the middle of the knee).           

2. Shorts must be no shorter than 8 inches from the knee. A ruler will be used to measure with the student standing in a flamingo position, with one knee on a chair. NO bicycle shorts, single layer mesh shorts, spandex or wind shorts, or boxers.
3. All holes/deteriorated fabric above the knees must be patched with cloth, or have compression shorts, leggings or spandex underneath. Skin should NOT be visible 6” above the knees.
4. Any clothing that does not cover the stomach, midsection, chest, side, or back.
5. Visible undergarments. 6. Tank tops, T-backs, Strapless, Spaghetti straps, etc., with straps narrower than a Cache School ID (approx. 2”), low necklines or any see-through apparel. All must fit snug around/under the arms.
7. Hats/hoodies/headgear in buildings. Except with principal permission or special occasions.
8. Any clothing containing double or inappropriate meanings to include: vulgar, suggestive, political, subversive, sexual, drug or alcoholic related, symbols of death, gang related, or any potentially harmful clothing or accessories (chains, spikes, hooks, etc.)
9. Trench coats, long coats, or any type of outer covering that impedes clear visibility of attire.
10. Shoes must be worn at all times.
11. Pajama-type clothing, gowns, house shoes, slippers, blankets, robes, etc.
12. More than 3 earrings in each ear (all other visible body piercings must be covered or use small, flat, clear spacers).                                                                                                                     

13. Any outrageous or unnatural hair colors or styles if they impede on or have a negative effect on the daily educational process.
14. No vulgar tattoos or brandings shall be visible, as they may distract from the learning process.
15. To possess, wear, use, distribute, or display any sign, symbol, badge, color or other item (including bandanas) that is evident of possible affiliation or membership with a gang.

NOTE: The CMS Dress Code Policy applies to all CMS and CPS events. If you’re in doubt, bring an extra CMS Dress Code appropriate shirt and/or pair of pants.

Non-compliance with the Dress Code: If a CMS Staff member feels a student may be out of compliance with the dress code, that student will be sent to the office or a member of the Dress-Code Team. If it is determined the student is out of compliance, the student will be required to call home. If a change of clothes cannot be obtained from a parent or guardian, the student will be given a point and sent to ISD until compliant clothing is received. On the 3rd infraction of any kind throughout the school year, the student will receive ISD and a Major Point. Continued offences will include extended time in ISD, and/or Suspension until the matter is corrected or resolved. A meeting with the Principal and the students Parents/Guardian may also be required after repeated offences.
The CMS administration reserves the right to make additions or changes to this policy, as deemed necessary to promote modesty and safety throughout th
e school year.